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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

The two main reasons finishes are applied to hardwood flooring are to protect the wood from damage, such as stains and moisture, and to enhance or highlight the natural color and grain of the wood specie. It is important to remember both unfinished and prefinished solid hardwood floors allow for sanding and refinishing, ensuring the longevity of your investment, and so this decision is especially about original results and the installation process. Unfinished hardwood floors are a fantastic and functional choice in wood flooring. Though it is more time and labor intensive to install and finish wood floors on-site, the result is highly rewarding. Unfinished wood flooring provides an incomparable versatility in hardwood, offering the greatest range of colors, stains, finishes, and styles. This adaptability is often critical to uniformity, historical significance or a unique architectural style of space.

Benefits of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

  • Unfinished wood flooring is a blank canvas to create your own unique finish, including applying stain before sealing the wood, allowing you color customization not necessarily available in factory finished boards.

  • On-site sanding and finishing post installation helps maintain the wood’s natural characteristics.

  • Unfinished flooring enables better uniformity of seal and finish by filling in the inevitable empty spaces and cracks of uneven flooring planks, and creating a more stable and even result.

  • Sanding on-site enables the installer to do custom borders, inlays, and other artisan elements not typically available in factory finished flooring.

  • It’s easier to match or compliment newly installed unfinished hardwood flooring and finish with any existing hardwood flooring or style elements.

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