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Rosemount, Red Oak, Sanding and Refinish

All hardwood floors require cleaning, buffing, and refinishing over time to keep up their beauty and health as they age. Certainly, life and circumstance can undermine the frequency and consistency of hardwood maintenance, but floors will suffer if wholly ignored. Refinishing can truly bring them back to life. Black and beaten, these floors were overdue for the sanding and refinish they received, but the original honey tone and smooth, inviting surface was restored as a result.

Project Details:
  • 650 sq ft Solid Wood

  • 2 ¼ Red Oak

  • Kitchen, Dining, Formal Dining, Living Room, Family Room, Hallway, Entry, ½ Bath, Full Stair & Landing

  • Sanding, Re-Finish with Water-Based Clear Coat

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