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Hardwood Floor Staining is an exciting part of Installation and Refinishing. Not only will it help to protect your hardwood floor investment, it is also a means of revitalization! The appearance of hardwood floors can diminish due to everyday wear, sunlight exposure, humidity, and other variables. Hardwood Floor Staining can certainly bring them back to life, renewing the warmth, richness, and overall quality you desire.


The Color Cure


Color plays a big role in the look and feel of your new or existing hardwood floors, and adding the right stain to enhance the wood specie and speak to your personal style is an important step. If you are unsure about color or type of stain (oil or water based), we are available to offer guidance on what unique combination is best suited to your living space, complimenting areas, and your final vision. We also offer Custom Staining to perfectly match existing interior décor and materials and/or simply meet the exact color you have in mind.

Hardwood Floor Staining Process


The Hardwood Floor Staining process can vary in length due to the condition of existing floors and environmental elements. Typically beginning with sanding, priming the floor to accept new stain, the floors must be then cleaned and dried to completion before stain can be applied. Stain application is a careful and artistic process that must be done with patience and precision. Inaccurate application can result in blotchy or uneven results, and excess stain should be wiped away to eliminate potential dark spots. Finally the floors should be given adequate time to dry so the stain can be wholly set.

Whitetail Hardwood Floors takes pride in providing elegant and efficient Hardwood Staining. Innately visual, we know staining is highly influential to creating satisfied clients and new referrals, and as with each step of our Installation and Refinishing Services, we make no shortcuts to our process to guarantee the quality and beauty you deserve. We look forward to helping you find the color that speaks to you!


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