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Hardwood floors require a fresh buff, recoat, or complete refinish over time to refresh and maintain their natural beauty. Whitetail Hardwood Floors specializes in bringing hardwood floors back to life! And depending on the extent of the wear, expected traffic, and your vision, we will work with you to determine what your floors need to meet your desired results.

What is Refinishing?

  • Sanding: removes scratches and marks, smoothing out any tactile damage, and revealing a fresh surface to stain and protect. Whitetail Hardwood Floors utilizes a DUST FREE sanding system.

  • Staining: Choose a stock stain color or let us create a custom stain perfectly suited for your space.

Benefits to Refinishing

  • Eliminates scratches, deterioration, and other shallow-deep surface marks

  • Regains cosmetic and structural loss caused by water damageHelps defend hardwood floors from potential future damageEnhances and/or updates the appearance of your space

Hardwood Floor Refinishing is an amazing remodel choice, whether you want to give your floors a completely new look or simply reclaim their original splendor.

Not every well-loved hardwood floor requires a complete refinish. Even if your floors are looking dull and scratched, they may only need a screen & recoat to revitalize their character and beauty. Since the cost of protection is always less than damage from not having it, this is also a more budget friendly way to revitalize and maintain your floors.

What is a Screen & Recoat?


Also known as a Buff & Recoat, Screen & Recoat describes the process of lightly sanding an existing coat of polyurethane and top-coating it. A screen is a mesh encrusted with abrasive particles, and is generally less aggressive than sandpaper. It is (or should be) part of the regular maintenance of a polyurethane finished hardwood floor. The polyurethane acts as a protector from environmental and household living variables (pets, kids, high traffic, furniture) and will wear away over time, exposing bare wood to damage. Typically recommended every 2-5 years, a Screen & Recoat can done when the polyurethane is thinned, but BEFORE it’s worn away.


Benefits to Screen & Recoat:


  • Eliminates or reduces scratches and other shallow surface marks

  • Maintains the health and the appearance of your hardwood floors

  • Renews the original look and feel of your hardwood floors

  • Less costly than a complete refinish


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