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Dust Free Sanding

Sanding is an imperative part of hardwood floor installation and refinishing, vital to maintaining the health and appearance of your floors as they age. An extremely dusty job, it can also be hazardous to contractors and a clean up headache for homeowners. That's why Whitetail Hardwood Floors utilizes the Bona® Dust Containment System (Bona® DCS), a top industry sanding system with 3 hepafilters generating 99.8% less dust in the air than the traditional sanding process. By preventing the infiltration and permeation of dust into drapery, furniture, cabinets, air ducts and air conditioning units during the sanding process, Bona’s GREENGUARD certified systems make the hardwood floor sanding process cleaner, healthier, and faster than ever before.

The Sanding Process:

Once preparation of the floor is complete – either the actual laying down of new boards or the preparation of existing hardwood (hammering of popped nails, staple, tack and problematic adhesive removal, etc) – the sanding process can begin.

  • Coarse grit paper is first applied to remove old sealant coatings and level boards to an even height.

  • Larger sanders for timber grain and edgers for small or out of reach areas are next, both used to enhance overall consistency and advance to a smoother surface.

  • A belt sander and finishing machine complete the sanding process, creating the final results to be coated.


A protective sealant, such as polyurethane or oil, is applied to the sanded hardwood as the last step in the installation and/or refinishing process. This step is called coating or re-coating. While other Hardwood Floor professional finish with 2 coats of sealant, Whitetail Hardwood Floors applies 3 coats for longer lasting defense and shine.

Though solid hardwood is innately suited for sanding and refinishing multiple times, some brands and types of engineered hardwood can also go through this process, though typically only 1-2 times in their lifetime. We are happy to help you incorporate this variable in your hardwood floor selection.


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