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As with any natural building material, hardwood is subject to damage and dullness overtime. Often, a screen & re-coat or refinish can do the job. But sometimes, the damage is deep or vast enough that the flooring requires more comprehensive repair to regain it’s beauty and practical use. Whitetail Hardwood Floors can help determine the best course of action to fix your floors and expertly repair them for you.

Why Hardwood Floor Repair?


There are numerous issues hardwood floor repair can resolve, from superficial to structural, and a repair can range from a single plank to a renovated or weather damaged room. Some concerns that might signal a repair include:

  • Persistent Deep Scratches, Stains, and other Marks

  • Loose or Missing Boards

  • Knowing whether a repair is the right choice for your floors can be challenging and we are here to assess and honestly advise on what your floors require.

  • Split or Cracked Boards

  • Odors that Sanding or Cleaning Products don't Eliminate

  • Squeaky Floors due to Compromised Subfloor

  • Water Damage

Hardwood Floor Repair Process


Each floor has its own history and current lifestyle, and repair solutions can range. Depending on your floor’s degree of damage, anticipated traffic, and your vision for finished results, Whitetail Hardwood Floors will skillfully administer the best solution, often a combination of hardwood repairs such as:


  • Filling Gouges

  • Replacing Boards

  • Precise Lace-Ins

  • Sanding

  • Waxing and Buffing

  • Re-Staining

  • Re-Coating











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